Write a letter to the electors to ask them to not vote for Trump


    Write a letter to the electors! It doesn’t have to be long, just say why you think they should vote for someone else. Our letter focuses on Trump's general unfitness to be president, in particular because of his numerous and entangled conflicts of interest. You can make your own letter or use the templates available on directelection.org, where you will also find the addresses for all 284 electors who are slated to vote for Trump. The templates are really easy to use, you just put your own info into the doc and follow the instructions!


    Any elector in a state that voted for Trump in this election. You can find the mailing addresses at the website directelection.org, thanks to @jeffstrabone. Specifically we recommend Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, because these are states which have high Electoral votes and close election results.


The Electoral College is our last hope of keeping Donald Trump out of the Oval Office. The CIA has publicly concluded that Russia's encouragement of fake news on the internet and the partisan release of Clinton campaign emails (the hacking of the DNC) may have influenced voters to vote for Trump. Ten electors have requested an investigation from Director of National Intelligence James Clapper into whether Trump's campaign was involved. I think we need to press them to get serious about this, or we are missing an important opportunity. The electors need to demand an investigation, as well as consider voting for a different candidate.

If no person receives an absolute majority of electoral votes for president, the Twelfth Amendment provides that the House of Representatives will select the president, with each of the fifty state delegations casting one vote. If no person receives a majority of electoral votes for vice president, then the Senate will select the vice president, with each of the 100 senators having one vote. While this still may result in a Trump presidency, it’s important we push and make it clear he is an unacceptable choice for the presidency.

I believe that if we can get enough Electors to change their vote to either Hillary Clinton (for winning the National Popular vote by such a large margin) or another Republican candidate (on the basis that Donald Trump is not fit to hold the office of the Presidency and is a danger to our democracy), then we have a chance of keeping him out. We need to stand together and make our voices heard, we cannot allow this man to run our country.