Global Month Of #NoDAPL Action Day 2

Today I sent an email to Nebraska Emergency Management Agency Operations Section Manager Earl Imler. He's responsible for part of the police presence at the Dakota Access Pipeline. Feel free to copy and paste my text, or write your own.

Here is his email address as well as phone number, please take action today and make a call or send an email to support the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Earl Imler

Phone: 402-471-7181

Mr. Imler;

    I am proud to know that my parents generation, and their parent’s generation, fought for the rights and freedoms that I know should be so privileged to enjoy today. Those rights and freedoms came in part by protest and civil disobedience, and without it we likely never would have seen so many important changes made.

    Be respectful of the human beings who are on the other side, and respect their rights and freedoms, because they are earning a better future for us all. What will you be doing to ensure that you are not contributing to human rights violations? What will you do to keep the non-lethal munitions from killing someone?

Please consider the humanity of your actions, and withdraw your support for a police presence at the Dakota Access Pipeline.


Nathan Tenney