Visit your representative’s local office on Tuesday!


Stand up for your resistance to the Trump regime’s policies on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017. Visit your representative’s local office tomorrow, and every Tuesday from now on.


Your Senators and your House Representative.


Find an event at your senator’s local office:

Find a local progressive group to visit your House representative’s office with:

If there is no group or event in your area, go by yourself, and introduce yourself to the Congress member’s staff, and ask for what you want.


Progressive resistance organizations (,,, among others), are collaborating to develop a series of group actions to build on the momentum from the Women’s Marches. These organizations know that, important as our daily calls and letters are, group presence at Congress members’ local offices gets results. It’s how Tea Party groups got so powerful, got people elected, and influenced policy. This powerful technique is addressed in Indivisible's Guide To The Resistance developed by former Congressional staffers. (

We will visit our Congress members’ local offices on Tuesday, Jan. 24, and every Tuesday from now on, to resist in one important area. Tomorrow, Jan. 24, we will resist cabinet confirmations, or support a Democratic senator in their resistance at senators’ offices.

At Steve Knight’s office (CA House District 25, 26415 Carl Boyer Dr #220, Santa Clarita, CA 91350) I will join SCV UP (United for Progress) at 2pm.

From SCV United for Progress:

This Tuesday, January 24 — only the second full day of work for Congress under the new president — we are taking action and demonstrating to our elected representative Steve Knight that we, his constituents, support the Affordable Care Act, and that as an official elected to represent us, his actions should reflect our needs. We call on you to join us at Representative Steve Knight’s Santa Clarita office at 2:00pm on January 24 to continue keeping pressure on him to protect our health care, and ultimately, to protect our friends, our families, and our lives. (